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017 - Fire in the Zone - 24th-25th of Tarsakh 1477DR

Written by Daniel

An audio version of this adventure log can be found here soon

It’s a quiet day on the 24th of Tarsakh. It doesn’t feel like anything is wrong. The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and our heroes have the crazy task of sending the Thayvians back from whence they came. Our heroes don’t even notice the cleanliness of the tank because their minds are occupied with the enormous task at hand.

The team decides to venture into the forest where the portal to Thay is located, even though Spice Day is tomorrow, in order to learn more about the environment. Unfortunately, they fall victim to some fiery skeletons in the middle of a forest. This is particularly bad news because, y’know, it’s a forest. Trees burn. That didn’t stop Perrin and Lucas from climbing up some trees to get a better look though. Perrin even balanced precariously on a branch with only his knees as he dangled down and fired off arrows. They soon realized that they needed to escape and went back down their respective trees. While the fire was raging hobgoblins fired arrows at the team and a tiefling, seemingly the leader, caused havoc. Lucas and Sky chased the tiefling down only to have him teleport elsewhere. They eventually realized they needed to leave before the fire surrounded them so they ran. As Perrin was running away he looked around for any other attackers and managed to spot that pesky tiefling through the trees. He aimed his bow at the tiefling and bravely fired an arrow that seemed to bend around the trees and hit the tiefling right in the head, knocking him out cold. Everyone rejoiced, but not until they all escaped the burning forest and retreated to camp out and prepare themselves for Spice Day.

The next day, Spice Day, our brave heroes went straight back into the forest to find the portal and rid the Sword Coast of the Thayvians once and for all. They found it very interesting that the area of forest they thought had burnt down was looking as green and happy as ever. When they got close to the portal a lich conjured up a zone, which chilled everyone in it to their very core. The team managed to escape and cause serious damage to the lich, eventually killing him, but not without seriously wounding the party. They carried on, ready to end this once and for all!

The end.



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