Mr Magorium’s Adventure Emporium.

RPGs I Want to Try Geeklist. This is a geeklist Daniel made of RPGs he wants to try with a brief description of what they are.

Adventure Log Writing Points. This is the new method of determining whose job it is to write the adventure log each week.

NPC Character list. This is a list of all the NPCs in the campaign. I encourage players to add more.

Confirmed Race and Class Options. This is a list of races and classes that are allowed in this Forgotten Realms campaign. It also includes a list of races and classes that are not allowed. If a race or class you are interested in is not on any of the lists on this document then ask the DM.

Treasure Wish List. This is for players to list the treasure they want from a campaign so that what they receive is best tailored to what they need.

Mega. This is a collection of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons books.

Portal Backup. This is a backup of the contents of this portal. Updated regularly and available for download for offline viewing.

Mr Magorium's Adventure Emporium