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  • Artorius

    Born: 13-08-1461 As a dragonborn paladin, Artorius is about as honorable as you can get. Raised in a covenant, he worships the god of sun, law and time, Amaunator. Often seen practicing swimming, and carrying a large executioner's axe, he seeks to …

  • Thorn

    Born: 1454 As a razorclaw shifter Thorn hasn't really known much close companionship. Unwelcomed in any village of the goodly-races and uncomfortable in the forests of shifters because of their actions, he prefers to use his druidic powers to stay in …

  • Gideon

    Born: 1347 A swordmage of the Eladrin, Gideon is proud and pompous of his heritage. Taking full use of powers that teleport him or his bonded blade, he seeks to find the sword that has been in his family for generations.

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