Half-Elf Rogue


Born: 17-07-????

Sylvaeris was an elven huntress that fled from her home in the Cormanthor forest as it was burned to the ground. She travelled as far as she could to distant lands until she met Kaen, a human assassin who had quit his guild. Their love bloomed and Kaen taught Sylvaeris how to fight, kill, hide and hunt people so that they would always be safe. In time they had two children, twins called Sky and Fenryr. The twins were inseparable, their love for each other only matched by their love for their mother. When the twins were about six the family had started to run out of money and Sylvaeris decided to take the family back to Cormanthor forest where they could live a simple life. Kaen, however, got scared by the thought of giving up his past and reached out to his old guild who agreed to let him back on one condition; he kill his family.
They were on the outskirts of town when Kaen slid a knife across Sky’s throat. Quickly he advanced upon Sylvaeris and slashed down but Fenryr threw himself in front of the stab. The blade went through his son and into Sylvaeris’ gut, disembowelling Fenryr. Kaen was troubled by his son’s grisly demise and fled, sure of Sylvaeris’ mortal wound. She very nearly did give up but a sound reached her ears, of Sky crying. Her motherly instincts kicking in, she dragged herself to sky and willed them both to live, and live they did thanks to the town’s healers. She stayed but a day before taking Sky out into the border forest where they stayed for almost fifteen years.
In that time she taught Sky everything she could, about fighting, about hiding, about interacting with other people. Sky was taught the theory behind many things but lacked experience entirely, such as how to talk to people, leading her to be wistful and unwillingly introverted, while also incurably curious. On Sky’s twenty first birthday her mother gave her a ring, a family heirloom, and fifty gold pieces, all that they had left. Sylvaeris spent the day with her daughter, hugging her, talking to her and praising her. That night Sky asked why her mother had been acting like such, to which Sylvaeris replied sorrowfully, “He’s coming.”
The next day, Sky hid like she had been told. She was going to be a good girl, she was not going to scream, she was going to stay still. She was determined to uphold these values but when Kaen came, silent as a shadow, slashing her mother’s throat quickly and efficiently, Sky screamed. She screamed and charged at Kaen. Taken aback, he barely fended off her furious blows from two daggers. Further and further she pushed herself, determined to kill this man; suddenly her ferocity was too overwhelming and she knocked his dagger away, her own also being blown away but she simply switched her weight to her remaining dagger and swung it deep into Kaen’s shoulder. He did not cry out, he simply took the blow and after composing himself studied Sky. Looked to her eyes, saw her bloodlust, looked to her neck and spoke; “My daughter. Sky.” He smiled cruelly. “I would never forget you, my dear. I’ve already slit your throat once. I’ll let you go this time,” he grabbed Sky’s hands and pulled her forwards, in to his knee. Winded, Sky lost all her strength and fell to her knees. “But I never forget a face. Next time we meet, I will kill you properly. I choose not to do so now because I want to enjoy this.” He licked his lips and pulled Sky’s dagger out of his arm. With the heel of his boot he shoved Sky backwards onto the ground and crushed her chest, not quite to the point of breaking anything. Without another word he left. Sky was left to bury her mother and say goodbye.
Sky decided to travel far away from the border forest and find a group of strong adventurers so she could get much stronger. She lived to avenge her mother. She lived to avenge her brother. She lived to kill Kaen the Kinslayer. She ended up in Loudwater and was there for not thirty minutes before goblins launched a surprise attack and she ended up trailing along with a ragtag group of adventurers. This is where her story starts.


Sky, a young half-elf rogue comes from quite a broken home. Still haunted by events in her past, she seeks to use her…unconventional skills with blade, lockpick, and stealth to improve the world and finish the business with her father.


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